Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing Shoes.

I adoree all things beige/nude colored
especially these gorgous shoes!
I found all of them on,
a site where people can share their favorite
fashion items.
You can also loggin with your facebookaccount
and click the 'love it' button,
after only one day I already had 156 loves; )

The shoes:
- Flowery heels, Forever 21
- with Bow,
- 2 Bows, Steve Madden
- Broques,
- Flats, Elle shop

The Picture I found at,
a site where fashionlovers put pictures
of their outfits.
This girl is called 'playingwithfire',
she has a very unique and amazing style
and I just fell in love with this picture.

A Bientot. X

Friday, March 11, 2011

Regina Spektor - Eet

I just love this song!
Regina Spektor is an amazing singer,
mostly known for her songs Us & Hero in the movie
500 days of summer, which is so cutee
This video is so beautiful, very old-looking &nd artsy.
Regina really has a 50s style, so lots of dresses, red lips & gorgeous curls.

If you like this song you should definetly look for more on youtube!

A Bientot. X

Fabulous Rings

Lately I've been very in to rings, so I found some amazing pieces!
Most are very affortable, some are quite expensive..
But let a girl dream: )
My favorite one is probably the one with the pink stone
just because I feel it's very vintage looking and I just love those big chunky rings!
Which one is your favorite?

- Wings, Swarovski
- Harts, Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery
- Crown,
- Red camera, topshop
- Oui, DIOR
- Big pink ring, Forever 21
- Cross,
- Gun, Betsey Johnson

A bientot. X