Thursday, April 7, 2011

We heart England!

Bonjourr tout le monde :D

We are going to ENGLAND in June! I am totally excited, and to get in the mood of it, me & Dewi are searching for these awesome pants! I think they're amazing, but we don't know where we could buy them. Or maybe a pair with the American flag?! we love those flag-print pants!


  1. i love england! i follow u
    please come to my blog

  2. Heyyy!!
    I love anything with the English flag on it!!
    I love England and especially London!!
    What a beautiful blog!!
    I am following u!!
    Please check out mh blog and follow me too :))


  3. Love England!!! love London and miss it!
    nice blog, I'm following you!

  4. heey girls

    Ik las jullie berichtje op mijn fashiolista pagina.
    Ik volg jullie via blogspot en jullie fashiolista site, Volgen jullie mij dan ook..

    Ik hoor van jullie...
    Have a nice day,...doei doei

  5. jaa, die zijn leuk!
    je hebt ook allstars met de engelse vlag, is misschien ook wat? xx

  6. I love England!

    Where you go? Maybe you can find these pants in a souvenir shop, or in an english 100% shop. I don't know...