Sunday, July 10, 2011

La forêt

Bonjour petits amours :)

Today I promised Dewi I would post my new clothes bought in London. BUT the battery of my camera wasn't loaded (he's loading right now!). OOOOPS.Anyway, I'll make it up to you guys, with another set of foto's which have been made thanks to my little sister Emma.

I was wearing:
H&M white top
Mango dark blue jeans
Shick silver sandals
Ring: Topshop

I hope you've had a lovely Sunday

Goodnight, loves!<3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

We're back

Bonjour guys!
We're so sorry that we haven't been posting anything lately,
we've been so busy with school that we hadn't got the time.
But today was our last school day so that means
We're super excited:)
Hopefully we will be blogging a lot the upcoming free weeks.
Like we told you we went to England a couple of weeks ago
and the pictures from that trip will be up tomorrow or the day after,
so keep an eye out for thosee!
Also we'll do posts on what we bought there, so if you like hauls
that's perfect!

Byeee lovely's, hope you all have a wonderfull summer!
feel free to leave a comment on what you are going to do:)

xxxxx Dewi