Sunday, September 4, 2011

Italia 2011!!

Buongiorno carissimi!

Do you remember Dewi has come to visit me to Italy for four days at my place in Bergamo?
Weeelll, I'm going to tell you about it! :D
She arrived at the airport of Linate the 13th of august in Milan. So the first day we went immediately to the big city! I showed her the most important shopping streets, such as "Via della Spiga" and we actually did some shopping! We went to the H&M, Berschka and Zara.

Thanks to the beautiful weather (sun and 34 degrees constantly) we went to a lake called "Lago di Garda", it's pretty big and well known. We went by car because it's 50 minutes riding from where we live.We did a boat trip to go "Isola di San Biagio" which is a very cute island in the middle of the lake where we stayed till the 6 pm and is only reliable by boat (unless you want to walk through the water!) Here is a picture my mom made on the boat (the little blond girl is my lil sis ;D)

At night I showed Dewi Bergamo, the tipical Italian city where I lived: it has an old city called "Citta' Alta" (high city) which is situated on hills, and de new city "Citta' Bassa" (low city). By night Citta' Alta is really awesome, there are parties, a lot of people, music and little shops are always open, in the middle of the night. Dewi loved to stop at the big old library in Piazza Vecchia (the white bulding in the photo below), where we could spot all the italian hot guyss, cute couples who passed by and criticize the weird outfits and fashion taste of the people. AHAH, we had fun ;D
I was wearing an orange top from Topshop, black jeans and black open toe shoes and Dewi wore a long floral dress from H&M and a blue colbert of Pimkie.

The third day we went on the wall's of the city (Bergamo is surrounded by huge medieval wall's) to watch the view and the nature :) Later, about 8 pm we went eating with my family because it was the last night Dewi was staying, so we thoght: why not an awesome Pizzeria!? that's why we chose to go to "Da Mimmo" :D That night Dewi wore a new coral blouse from Zara, shorts and leather ballerina's. I was wearing a blue basic Zara shirt, pink Zara pants and new blue/pink diamonds sandals from Promod (italian shop).

And the last day: PACKING HELL! (yes.. I'm lying in the bed  buried by her clothes while De was trying to pack all the new stuff and bags and pasta's she brought home for her parents). AHAH oh lord, I always have to laugh if I see this picture.

So this was pretty much it, hope you liked it guys! And thank you De for these awesome four days we spent together! I LOOVE YOU MATE! <3

xoxo Sophie

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